Underwater Sounds

I wanted good clear underwater sounds and http://soundrangers.com/ just wasn’t giving me exactly what I wanted for Bonsai Golf Coral. The bubbling and splashing were okay but I really needed some clear ambient underwater sounds. They were really hard to find until I came across www.sound-ideas.com  it was a bit more than I wanted to spend but after listening to the first 20 sound effects I can say it is definitely worth it.  

Hopefully I won’t have to compress them too much fit all I want into an over the air download for this game (20MB).

BG Coral Menu

I have been working on the menu to Bonsai Golf Coral and I’m trying to blend “metro style” into my theme. It is getting pretty close but I have to work out all the coding. The hubs of Windows Phone have also inspired me to go more in that direction as the menu screen will pan from side to side to see the hole select or options.

Sting rays move in the background and sun rays glisten in one of the 3 main colors of the water. I might add some bubbles or other fish if there is time, but I’m satisfied  with it for now.

Not just golf…

To add some depth to gameplay in Bonsai Golf Coral, I am implementing a points system based upon collection or “orbs.” If the player’s ball hits one of the orbs they will gain points. Each hole will have 4-5 orbs. Three of them will be one point each while the big one will be worth 5 points. Occasionally there will also be a star orb in an obscure location but it takes the player to a bonus level. The course will be set up in a way that getting all the orbs is not very beneficial. 3 points will be awarded for getting under par, so taking the extra shot to grab each of the 1 point orbs won’t get the player anything other than a sparkly show of graphics.

In adding this new style of play I’ve also increased the hole size so players are more focused on the orbs and less putting back and forth to get the ball in the hole. After watching a couple people play, it seems that Bonsai Golf Coral is a lot more fun and engaging than its predecessor. I hope everyone feels the same.

Bonsai Golf Coral

Just started working on a new game for Microsoft’s Dream.Build.Play competition a few weeks ago. Its a spinoff from Bonsai Golf but this one is completely rewritten for Mango update on Windows Phone and will be themed underwater.


Stay tuned for progress updates as I’ve given full attention to this game until the DBP 2012 deadline in June.